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  1. 01-Welcome!/01-Intro Questionnaire.pdf39.70 KB
  2. 01-Welcome!/01-Welcome to Business Bootcamp- Sales and Marketing! - The Futur.mp474.46 MB
  3. 01-Welcome!/01-welcome to business bootcamp_ sales and marketing! _ the futur.pdf101.78 KB
  4. 01-Welcome!/02-The Big Misconception - The Futur.mp4127.06 MB
  5. 01-Welcome!/03-Inbound VS Outbound - The Futur.mp417.24 MB
  6. 01-Welcome!/04-The Conversion Funnel - The Futur.mp446.42 MB
  7. 02-Know Who/01-Do you know who your ideal client is- - The Futur.mp462.85 MB
  8. 02-Know Who/02-Figuring out your ideal client's identity - The Futur.mp4374.00 MB
  9. 02-Know Who/02-Finding And Profiling Your Ideal Client.pdf48.12 KB
  10. 02-Know Who/03-Do you know everything you need to know about your ideal client- - The Futur.mp4395.35 MB
  11. 02-Know Who/03-Finding And Profiling Your Ideal Client.pdf48.12 KB
  12. 02-Know Who/04-Review - The Futur.mp420.06 MB
  13. 03-Know Where/01-How are clients supposed to find you- - The Futur.mp4106.75 MB
  14. 03-Know Where/02-Anatomy of a $30,000 logo project - The Futur.mp472.42 MB
  15. 03-Know Where/02-Success Case Studies.pdf42.27 KB
  16. 03-Know Where/03-Anatomy of a $10k Keynote Deck - The Futur.mp418.08 MB
  17. 03-Know Where/04-Anatomy of a $500k Self Promotional Campaign - The Futur.mp49.33 MB
  18. 03-Know Where/05-Anatomy of an Inbound Marketing Campaign - The Futur.mp439.13 MB
  19. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/01-Relationship Building - The Futur.mp472.78 MB
  20. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/02-Conferences - The Futur.mp41.60 MB
  21. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/03-Spec Work - The Futur.mp43.07 MB
  22. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/04-Self Promotional Mailer - The Futur.mp46.51 MB
  23. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/05-Marketing Stunt - The Futur.mp45.04 MB
  24. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/06-Self Promotional Video - The Futur.mp45.17 MB
  25. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/07-Public Relations - The Futur.mp420.85 MB
  26. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/08-Advertising & SEM - The Futur.mp46.81 MB
  27. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/09-Sponsorships - The Futur.mp44.54 MB
  28. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/10-Social Contests - The Futur.mp41.55 MB
  29. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/11-Online Brokers - The Futur.mp44.29 MB
  30. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/12-Agency and Studio Directories - The Futur.mp44.08 MB
  31. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/13-Cold-Calling and Cold-Emailing - The Futur.mp43.81 MB
  32. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/14-Sales Reps - The Futur.mp425.45 MB
  33. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/15-Organic Social Marketing - The Futur.mp45.11 MB
  34. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/16-Paid Social Marketing - The Futur.mp420.25 MB
  35. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/17-Business Coaches - The Futur.mp41.82 MB
  36. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/18-Public Speaking - The Futur.mp44.46 MB
  37. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/19-Content Marketing - The Futur.mp43.34 MB
  38. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/20-Email Marketing - The Futur.mp413.47 MB
  39. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/21-Affiliate Marketing - The Futur.mp44.38 MB
  40. 04-Marketing Channels for Designers/22-Strategic Partnerships - The Futur.mp47.02 MB
  41. 05-In Conclusion/01-How have you been marketing your business- - The Futur.mp432.12 MB
  42. 05-In Conclusion/01-Marketing And Sales Scorecard.pdf34.99 KB
  43. 05-In Conclusion/02-Prioritize Your Marketing Channels.pdf30.53 KB
  44. 05-In Conclusion/02-Which channels will work best for you- - The Futur.mp499.60 MB
  45. 05-In Conclusion/03-Synthesize This Into A Simple Marketing Plan.pdf25.07 KB
  46. 05-In Conclusion/04-How can you synthesize this into a prioritized marketing plan- - The Futur.mp4130.62 MB
  47. 05-In Conclusion/05-Closing - The Futur.mp43.55 MB
  48. 05-In Conclusion/06-Review - The Futur.mp47.71 MB
  49. 06-Bonus Section- Resources/01-Marketing management tools - The Futur.mp4126.75 MB
  50. 06-Bonus Section- Resources/02-Marketing platforms - The Futur.mp411.96 MB
  51. 06-Bonus Section- Resources/03-Creative Business Directories and Aggregators - The Futur.mp42.52 MB
  52. 06-Bonus Section- Resources/04-Intelligence gathering platforms - The Futur.mp411.22 MB
  53. 06-Bonus Section- Resources/05-Recommended Reading - The Futur.mp44.10 MB
  54. 06-Bonus Section- Resources/06-User Profile - LIVE - The Futur.mp4215.73 MB
  55. Main Pdf.pdf88.18 KB
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  57. Torrent info.txt285 bytes